Model No. Dimension Material
K25 1-1/4* dia  die cast
K25-1  die cast with wood< 
K27  die cast 
K30  die cast 
WK-01 18mm * 14mm  wood 
WK-02  26mm * 20mm  wood 
WK-03  32mm * 27 mm  wood 
WK-05  45mm * 36mm  wood
CK-01  25mm * 31mm  copper 
CK-02  31mm * 24mm  copper 
CK-03  32mm * 29mm  copper 
CK-05  31mm * 20 mm  copper
CK-06  31mm * 33mm  copper 
CK-07  25mm * 21.5mm  copper
CK-08  25mm * 20mm  copper
CK-09  32mm * 28mm  copper - ( nickel )
CK-10  32mm * 28mm  copper
CK-11  24mm * 20.5mm copper
CK-12  copper
CK-14  copper 
CK-15  die cast 
CK-16  20mm * 20mm  copper 
CK-17  25mm * 26mm  copper
WD-05  3 size -26mm(t)/32mm(t)/45mm(t) wood with hawksbill turtle 
KD-06  60mm ( t )  die cast with hawksbill turtle
Besides above list, we also have many other styles,if there's any further information please contact with us.
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